Keep your children safe from Id, people, online and toys

Let's know how we can keep your children safe. Childhood is the age of enjoyment. No responsibilities are there and also, there is no unnecessary stress of managing finances. A child is all the time indulge in one or the other activity. There are no formalities and tensions of paying the bills. You should give a special care towards your children. According to the age, their mind also grows and they want to do lots of things, sometimes it may be wrong or right.

Keep your children safe

Most of the children involve accessing the internet and use the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others. It has also spoiled future for your children. Proper guidance on unknown behavior and how to treat them is necessary Also give them advice and suggestion to do the right things. There are many things that spoil the life of your children. Always keep your children safe from people, internet, toys. Here are some suggestion that you should give to your children for their safety

Keep away your children from stranger:-

Always tell them not to get in a stranger’s car and never listen to the stranger people. If a car follows you, run in the opposite direction. Don’t go with someone, who does not know about your family.

Keep away your children from stranger

If a stranger grabs you attract attention anyway, like bite, kick and shout for help. You should guide your children how to keep yourself safe from unknown persons. Sometimes these types of the stranger can kidnap your child for financial matter and some revenge. Protection is better than cure always keeping in mind.

Keep your children safe from Internet:-

Always teach your child to get permission before using the computer and always sit with them. If you can’t sit with them, make them use the computer in an open area. So you can see what they are doing.

Keep your children safe from Internet

Always update your browser. If you use Chrome or Firefox browser, then download a plugin which will prevent your child. Use a child-friendly search engine. Keep your personal information private. Encourage openness. Always guide your children not to post their photographs on social media.

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Choose right toys for your children:-

For Kids under 18 months. There are so many toys available that you should give to your children to play at home. There are so many things that you keep in your mind while choosing the right toys.

Choose right toys for your children

Toys should be nontoxic. Especially the blocks made up of various colors which are chipped off and plastic. Always look at color and smell. Choose mechanical toys for younger children because they like action toys. Some toys made up of lights and enhanced with sound which produces ultraviolet rays, which is harmful to your children. Only give them effective and chemical free toy, which gives a positive result instead of infection.

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Always hide your child id:-

Don’t reveal your child’s name on their bag, tiffin and on their personal belongings. A Stranger can access their private information and can find their permanent address.

Always hide your child id

An unfamiliar person can win their trust. Haring the elevator with strangers is prohibited. Never tell a stranger about your family. You should make angel id of your children, which provide various features to track the location like it includes

  • Google Map Location.
  • School-friendly.
  • Lightweight
  • Highly affordable
  • Mobile friendly platform.
  • Set Safe Zone and get automatic alerts
  • Auto hibernate and extend variety
  • Benefit of Angel id for schools
  • Reduced parental anxiety
  • Improved child safety by parental involvement
  • Parent funded, no financial impact on the school
  • Provides an additional safety net for children.
  • Send a strong message to potential offenders.
  • Enhance social branding
  • Lead social change

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